Your actions over the next 18 days will have an effect that reaches far beyond this election. You have the opportunity to secure the freedoms that made America great. It’s our privilege to work with an American hero who understands the freedoms at stake.

Medically Retired Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett was declared dead three times while fighting to defend America’s freedom overseas. He was resuscitated””and survives as a hero with a mission: Keep America Free.

“Get out and do something. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s not that hard,” he says. Watch his story here.

Today, Staff Sergeant Bartlett is asking you to join him and hundreds of volunteers across the nation to speak with targeted voters. Bartlett believes we can preserve the freedom he still fights for if we reach out to our neighbors and convince them to stand with us this November 6th.

Our Liberty Headquarters are reaching hundreds of thousands of targeted voters in five swing states””Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We’re proud of our volunteers and staff who have hit the ground running. In Wisconsin alone, we’ll celebrate hitting our 50,000th door this weekend, and across all battleground states we’ve had a tremendous reaction from self-described undecided voters.

The energy is contagious. Come out and go door-to-door with us or make calls from your home. Election Day is rapidly approaching, and now is the time to act.


Ned Ryun is the President and CEO of American Majority Action.