Our Leadership

Ned Ryun

Founder and CEO
As the founder, president, and CEO of American Majority Action, as well as its sister organization, American Majority, Ned has been featured on Fox NewsCNNPolitico and The Washington Post, OANN, among other notable media outlets. He is an occasional front-page contributor to RedState.com, and a Senior Editor of the American Spectator. [Full Bio]


Matt Batzel

National Executive Director
Matt opened American Majority, Inc.’s Wisconsin office in October 2010. Under his leadership, American Majority Wisconsin has trained over 1,200 candidates, campaign managers and activists at more than 35 trainings across the state. During the height of the 2011 union protests in Madison, Matt organized American Majority’s “I Stand with Walker” rally that gathered more than 10,000 patriots to show the nation their support for the Budget Repair Bill. [Full Bio]

What We Do

Since 2010, American Majority Action has increased voter participation in our nation’s elections with targeted outreach to millions of people.

AMA is a conservative nonprofit organization that encourages freedom-minded  voters to support candidates who put America first as well as encouraging local issue activism to strengthen conservative support around the country. We believe that through these efforts to advocate for conservative ideals and candidates we will be able to preserve the American dream for future generations.

The American idea is being systematically eradicated by progressive leftists bent on total control of the United States citizenry and the erasing of the U.S. Constitution. American Majority Action is the solution.

  • LISTEN & LEARN – American Majority Action listens to concerned citizens and determines the campaign or activist training they may need.
  • EDUCATE & EMPOWER – Our staff and volunteers educate voters on critical issues and empower candidates and activists to change their communities.
  • ADVOCATE & ACTIVATE – We counter the left’s attacks with effective advocacy and engagement at the local level where societal issues are ongoing and destructive to the American way.