President Obama has once again proven his gross inability to handle the real economic issues affecting our families and businesses. Uncommitted voters watching last night’s presidential debate stated plainly””Governor Romney trounced Obama on the issue of economy by more than 30 points, according to the post-debate CBS poll. Other voters agree. The CNN poll found Romney leading at 58 to 40 percent on the economy and three out of four in MSNBC’s post-debate focus group gave Romney a clear win on economy. That’s right””MSNBC!

Voters are looking for the candidate with the best plan to handle our stagnant economy, and Romney is leading consistently on Americans’ number one issue. Americans aren’t fooled by Obama’s rhetoric. For four years, he’s said one thing and done another, leaving 23 million people out of work. Americans now know, hope is not a strategy.

Four years ago Obama campaigned on a platform of reducing the budget deficit, reducing the national debt, and lowering taxes. Now, the deficit exceeds $1 trillion, the national debt increased by more than 30%, and Obamacare is set to give all of us the largest single tax increase in U.S. history.

Last night, Romney told voters that we can do better than this””we don’t have to settle for the Obama record. And he’s right. Americans simply can’t afford another four years of Obama’s vision for the future.

Today’s Majority Points


Ned Ryun is President and CEO of American Majority Action.