One Week to Save America

It’s down to one week, folks. Just one week left to keep America free and prevent the “remaking” that President Obama has in store if reelected. We’ve been working side-by-side with thousands of you — hitting the streets and spreading the word about the destructive effects of another Obama term.

THANK YOU for getting into your communities and putting your best foot forward. It’s paying off! (See my article in today’s Daily Caller revealing that new absentee ballot numbers in Pennsylvania and Ohio show a clear Romney edge.) With seven days left, my appeal to you is simple: Keep it up! We only have one week left to save the free America we know and love.

Here are five practical things that you can do between now and election day to keep America free:

  1. If you live near one of our Liberty Headquarters, come join us as we go door-to-door, reaching targeted voters using today’s latest technology!
  2. Make at least 25 phone calls from your home to encourage targeted voters in swing states to vote on Nov. 6th.
  3. Talk to your friends and family members who are undecided and share the easy-to-remember top 5 reasons to fire Obama.
  4. Place “Fire Obama yard signs” in your yard and public areas in your community.
  5. Blog or write personal notes on your social media networks about why you plan to vote to fire Obama (and share our daily “Reasons to Fire Obama” Facebook infographics.

It’s not too late to directly affect the outcome of this election. Flashy TV ads and fancy rhetoric aren’t where it’s at. It’s up to people like you and me to impact our communities and bring home victory. That’s where true change happens — with real, targeted door-to-door activity, and some live phone banking thrown in. Let’s talk one-on-one with the people whose votes will make the difference. Let’s give it all we’ve got for just one more week!