On behalf of American Majority Action, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for fighting for individual freedom and limited government during this election.

Because of your tireless efforts to help keep America free, we contacted 1,101,339 targeted voters either by door-knocking or through live calls. When I consider that the bulk of this was done in eight weeks, it is truly an amazing feat by American Majority Action staff and volunteers. Unlike other voter contact and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts, American Majority Action maintained a “no-robo-call” policy, meaning that every one of those contacts was real – and had a much better chance at making a difference.

Our Liberty Headquarters had an incredible success rate in the counties and districts we targeted. In Chester County, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we knocked on 26,293 doors and made 30,771 live calls. In 2008 Obama won the county by 9.2%. On Tuesday, Mitt Romney won Chester County because we helped produce nearly a 10% swing. And the same can be said for many of our other Liberty Headquarters. In the overwhelming majority of counties that we targeted, more votes were cast for Romney this year than for John McCain in 2008, despite the fact that nationally Romney received close to 2.5 million fewer votes overall than McCain.

Yes, we are truly disappointed with Tuesday’s results. The importance of GOTV work cannot be underestimated. With more time and bandwidth (and more focus in the Conservative movement on real GOTV efforts) we would have seen a different outcome. But the fight is not over.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to real grassroots and GOTV work, constantly learning and leveraging new technologies to reach more people with our message. Again, thank you again for giving your time, talent, and passion to help ensure that the vision of our Founders has a voice in today’s America. Your support was, and will continue to be, an inspiration as we continue to fight for a more liberty-minded government.

Keep America Free,

Ned Ryun

CEO and President

American Majority Action


American Majority Action operated Liberty Headquarters in six key swing states during election season 2012 to serve as central nerve centers for conservative volunteers. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado staff and volunteers conduct voter targeting, outreach, advocacy, and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities to mobilize voters on Election Day.