American Majority Action - Keep America Free: Fire Obama

We’re 40 days out from what is the biggest election in a generation. More than any other of the last 4-5 Presidential elections, this one really is about which direction America will take: will it continue down a path of statism, or will it stop, turn around and get back on a path of freedom and prosperity? I am under no illusions that Romney is instinctively conservative, but he is the horse we get to ride, so giddy-up, folks. He will make plenty of mistakes should he become President, but I do know that he can stop the bleeding. And right now, we need to stop the bleeding on the jobs, spending, fill-in-the-blank-in-everything-and-everything front.

But this isn’t anything many of us don’t already know. We can talk about this all we want, think about it 24/7, but the real question is what are we going to do about it. History will judge us not on what we think or say, but on what we actually do. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: activism is the soul of revolution. Not the rally and bus tour sort of activism, which is like a hamster on an exercise wheel, with all sorts of activity and going nowhere. I’m talking about effective activism (or as we at American Majority call it, “effectivism”) that takes meaningful action to the streets and to the individual doors of Americans. And by revolution, not one of guns and violence, but one in which Americans truly take back their country (and honestly, post-election, a revolution inside the conservative movement that results in a paradigm shift from merely thinking about good ideas and going out and aggressively implementing them).

That’s why we do our Liberty Headquarters with door-to-door work and live phone banking (phone banking is nice, but not nearly like knocking and talking at doors). We’re already up and running in five states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and Virginia. We’re thrilled to be working with Heritage Action, Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, We R Virginia, local tea parties, homeschoolers, and virtually anyone who wants to come help us work to keep America free by firing Obama.

We’re using Gravity, the GOTV tool put together with the Political Gravity guys, to hit the doors with smartphone technology, surveying voters, putting out our “Keep America Free, Fire Obama” yard signs, and we want you to join us. You can:

  • Make calls to area voters at our Liberty Headquarters or from home;
  • Help distribute “Keep America Free, Fire Obama” yard signs and bumper stickers;
  • Go door-to-door canvassing in local neighborhoods with our cutting edge technology of Gravity.

You can go here to volunteer today. Forty days to go: make the most of each one of those days.


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