Nate Nelson, American Majority Action


Conservative Group’s Ground-Game Hit 105,000 Live Voter Contacts to Get out the Vote

American Majority Action Spurring Conservative Voting in Special Election

May 12, 2020 – American Majority Action (AMA)’s 105,000 Live Voter Touches and nearly 25,000 Live Voting Conversations were critical to turning out the conservative vote in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District Special Election.  AMA led the fight for thousands of conservatives to request their absentee ballots, vote early, and send them in for Tom Tiffany. 

Nate Nelson, the Wisconsin Executive Director of American Majority Action, said, “Congratulations to Tom Tiffany on a well-deserved victory! Wisconsin voters spoke loud and clear that they want to Keep America Free and want candidates who will protect their constitutional rights. This victory signals a swing in momentum for conservatives as they prepare for the Fall Presidential Election. We adapted our tactics to encourage conservatives to request absentee ballots, engaging in nearly 25,000 live voting conversations over phone calls and text messages with targeted voters. We chased those absentee ballot requests to make sure our voters returned their ballots on time. Voters recognized this was a critical election and wanted to ensure their vote was counted. Much attention is traditionally paid to spending on the airwaves, but a personal contact over the phone or from a volunteer texting you can make a lasting impression.” 

With the challenges of reaching voters during the COVID-19 pandemic, live phone calls and peer to peer text messages were the two most effective ways to turn out the vote. AMA’s activist groundswell was powered by Voter Gravity’s groundbreaking technology which allows staff to quickly and accurately get out the vote through micro-targeting voters.  


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