These ongoing protests in American cities are anything but peaceful, but they are driven by a variety of factors.

Recently a group of young aspiring anarchists attempted to take their Antifa tactics into a peaceful neighborhood. They were prevented from doing so, however, by several armed citizens who told them, firmly, to turn around. The whining that ensued was delicious, including: “We are peaceful! You pointed a gun at my face!” To which a resident replies, “That’s why you’re peaceful.” The protestors, obviously realizing they were outgunned, turned around and left.

Part of what we are dealing with in these violent protests, particularly when we see them being carried out by predominantly white people on behalf of Black Lives Matter nonsense, is a spoiled, enabled, and poorly educated generation or two. We shouldn’t be so surprised when we see them looting, rioting, and tearing down statues.

Clearly they’ve never been told “no” in their lives.


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