The Hill article, “Study predicts Obama healthcare law will raise premiums on young adults,” points out youth health insurance premiums are set to rise 42% thanks to ObamaCare.

Price-control provisions in the law require young Americans to pay, on average, one-third of what older patients pay. Right now we pay one-fifth.

  • With historically high youth unemployment (17.5% average under Obama), under-employment (more than 50%), and student loan defaults (13% rate)–this is the last added expense young Americans need.
  • Young Americans will be forced to pay thousands more for health insurance, or face paying a hefty $695 fine. At this point, experts believe it will be cheaper to pay the fine. Either way, young Americans will be much worse off than before ObamaCare.
  • While older Americans’ healthcare costs will fall 13%, this older demographic makes 92% more on average than the young Americans targeted in this bill. Only in Washington would this seem moral, just, or fair.


By Celia Bigelow and Ron Meyer