Obama Talks Gay Marriage and Gun Control to Elementary Nick Audience

President Obama cares more about pleasing Big Bird and Nickelodeon than solving our nation’s debt problem.

During the last 24 hours, President Obama appeared on Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President” show while his campaign launched an ad attacking Mitt Romney for wanting to cut PBS’s (and Big Bird’s) federal subsides. Obama seems to be targeting the nonexistent kid vote, yet he’s ignoring the biggest threat to children future: the national debt.

During his extensive Nickelodeon interview, Obama had time to hit the issues of gun control, same-sex marriage, immigration, and“bullying and obesity,” he had nothing to say the $6 trillion debt he’s racked up and left on these kids’ tab.

Gun control and gay marriage aren’t the most appropriate topics for an elementary forum, not to mention the endless lecturing by the Obamas on what kids should eat.  All three of those issues should be left to discussions with parents.

On the other hand, the biggest issue is that Washington is spending these kids’ future money. The national debt hit $16 trillion this past month, and the amount of debt per capita is over $50,000. It’ll only get worse for younger generations if President Obama keeps up his $1 trillion-deficit pace.

Our big problem is debt interest payments. Annual interest payments per capita on the national debt are around $3,000. As America faces further decline in credit ratings as spending continues down the same path, it is inevitable that interest rates on the debt will increase. Even a slight increase in interest rates will take a large chunk out of our budget–and we already can’t afford it.

The President’s appearance on Nickelodeon is nothing but a deflection from our fiscal reality. It’s unfortunate that our nation’s children are being fed political talking points on issues that should be left to their parents. By avoiding the issue of the national debt, the only lesson President Obama is teaching these kids is irresponsibility.

By Ron Meyer and Celia Bigelow, Students Against Barack Obama