Anyone who cares knows by now that the national debt is a staggering $16 trillion. Candidates during this election season are using that number as a way to demonstrate the damaging fiscal policy of the President. As fiscal conservatives we also know that number is the result of a permissive environment in Washington that ignores mounting debt in favor of more borrowing and more spending on costly government programs. We know that this kind of debt threatens our freedom.

For all the liberals’ talk about how much Obama and his cronies care about the so-called “average American” or middle class, these numbers below – big and small – demonstrate a President who is not focused on meeting the nation’s challenges. Remember, Obama has been very clear about his desire to “remake America.” As conservatives, we fight to restore America. The $16 trillion is just one number that is emblematic of the progressive, Obama fiscal policy and a governing style that has its roots in an arrogant and reckless disregard for not only American values, but Americans themselves. Use these numbers when talking to friends and neighbors about why this nation needs real leadership and real reform.

1.95 – The average cost of a gallon of gas on the day Obama was inaugurated
8 – The number of months since Obama met with his high-powered Jobs Council
12 – Number of now bankrupt companies that received a total of more than $1 billion in green energy grants from the Obama Administration
24 – The percentage increase in federal spending since President Obama took office
104 – The number of rounds of golf played by the President since taking office
16,500 – Number of new IRS agents hired by the government to enforce Obamacare taxes and penalties
17,554 – Increase in the personal burden of national debt that every American shares since Obama has taken office
51,974 – Your share of the National Debt
205,000 – The amount of money owed on the national debt for a family of four
23.1 million – Number of Americans unemployed or have given up hope to find a job
3.6 million – The number of people who have joined the federal government’s disability program under Obama
1.37 billion – The average amount added to the national debt every day
25 billion – The amount of money taxpayers are expected to lose on the auto bailout
810 billion – New taxes in ObamaCare
1 trillion – the approximate amount of stimulus funds appropriated to create supposedly shovel-ready jobs
46 trillion – Proposed spending increases by Obama for the next 10 years
1.416 trillion – The largest Federal Budget Deficit in US history
2.6 trillion – The true cost of ObamaCare once fully implemented
5.4 trillion – The amount added to the national debt since Obama took office