American Majority Action Campus Director Celia Bigelow will appear on Fox News Saturday (October 20, 2012) at 9:45 a.m.  Celia is the founder of Students Against Barack Obama, a project of AMA.

She will be discussing rising student loan debt””and why students should blame President Obama.

Here’s a preview of Celia’s thoughts:

President Obama’s easy loan policies through the nationalization of the student loan industry and his supposed “loan aid” have done to the student loan industry exactly what the government did to the housing industry. By trying to increase access through government aid, they’re encouraging students to take out loans they can’t afford. That’s why the student loan default rate is at a record-high 13%. In fact, the White House’s own forecasts as many as 25% of federal loans issued next year will end up in default.

This is nothing short of immoral. A diploma should be proof of an education, but now it’s just a debt liability.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning to Fox News at 9:45 a.m.!