Keep-America-Free-Weekend-American Majority ActionThere’s no denying that Mitt Romney took Barack Obama behind the woodshed last night and applied a good old beat down. Watching the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands this morning by Lefties is somewhat humorous, but guess what, folks? Last night will mean nothing if conservatives don’t volunteer and compete with the Left’s ground game.

The Left and President Obama’s machine isn’t going to just give up after last night.  It’s not like they’re going to come out waving a white flag of surrender. Public employee unions like SEIU, the remnants of ACORN and dozens of other well-funded progressive groups aren’t going to suddenly stop because of a bad (horrendous) debate performance by Obama. Conservatives must be willing to compete aggressively on the ground.  The messages from last night’s debate need to be followed up with grassroots excitement.

Most conservatives think it’s enough just to vote. It’s not.

We need to get out into our communities and convince our neighbors to turn out for conservative candidates. That’s the only way we win.  That’s why American Majority Action has teamed up with Heritage Action and others for Keep America Free Weekend on October 13th and 14th””with a goal of reaching 100,000 doors and up to 250,000 voters in five key swing states that weekend.

Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have all shown tightening polls, and 250,000 voters in those states could decide this election on a national level. The only question is: Will you join the fight at this critical time when America needs you?

Conservative candidates””even good debaters””still need an army to turn out the vote this November 6th.  The good news is that at its nearly two dozen Liberty Headquarters in those states, American Majority Action empowers volunteers with the most effective information and efficient voter outreach system called Gravity. Gravity is helping volunteers and activists become powerful forces for change in their communities.  Keep America Free Weekend will leverage the best information, messaging and targeting to ensure everyone who participates can have a real impact on turnout in their communities.

But ideas, information and technology are worthless without good conservative Americans giving even a few hours of their time to knock on doors or make calls to fire President Obama.  There are 33 days to go. You must commit to doing something. Go to our website, and sign up to volunteer for the Keep America Free Weekend in your area. If you can’t be a part of that event, commit to touching 100 doors or making 100 phone calls before Election Day. Trust me: you don’t want to wake up the morning of November 7th thinking you didn’t do everything you could have to Keep America Free.

Originally posted by Ned Ryun, CEO and President of American Majority Action, on