While young Americans continue to suffer from his administration’s economic policies, President Obama is targeting college campuses in his desperate attempt to turn them out to the polls in November.

President Obama spoke 13 times on college and high school campuses in August alone””more than any other month of his Presidency, according to a new study from American Majority Action’s Campus Action project. Desperate to try to energize a youth vote that is starting down a long unemployment line, the study shows that since January 2012, the President has increased his presence on college campuses by a staggering 175 percent over last year’s appearances.

President Obama has appeared on campus one out of every ten days since his administration began (See chart below)  In 2011, he appeared 31 times at the nation’s colleges and universities with a total of only 16 times from January through August.  However, during this year’s reelection campaign Obama has already appeared 44 times on campuses with 37 of those in “swing” states.  All of the last 26 speeches to colleges were in states that are critical to his reelection.

“Young Americans everywhere are suffering. More than half of recent college grads are unemployed or underemployed, and the Obama administration has the worst youth summer jobs employment numbers in history,” said Ned Ryun, President and CEO of American Majority Action.  “Youth unemployment has remained more than double the national rate since the President took office.  This increase in appearances will give our youth more speeches, more talk and more promises, but won’t deliver them jobs or get them to the polls in November.”

Even more telling about Chicago’s concern over a dip in the youth vote for the President this year, Obama has largely avoided mentioning the economy during his campus stops.  Just like he’s avoided meeting with his Jobs Council for six months, Obama has instead focused on telling students about ObamaCare and student loan aid.

At Iowa State University earlier this week, President Obama trumpeted his student loan aid and also said, “because of the new health care law, nearly 7 million young people, including some of you in this audience, have been able to stay on your parents’ plan.”

However, the President never mentions that young people must either be unemployed or underemployed in order to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans. Adding dependents to their insurance plans will cost parents hundreds or even thousands of dollars in added premium costs””merely hiding the costs of ObamaCare from young people and passing them on to parents.

President Obama never mentions that college student health insurance plans have also increased as much as 1,112 percent due to ObamaCare’s mandates. And, with regard to college costs, President Obama never mentions that tuition and fees have gone up 25 percent on his administration’s watch, mainly because of additional no-strings-attached government loan subsidies.

President Obama’s campaign is targeting campuses to make young people believe he has given them something for nothing. In reality, the President’s policies have left young Americans without jobs, without affordable healthcare, without affordable tuition, and without a fair shot at the American Dream.

Check out the study here.