Students Against Barack Obama American Majority ActionBy Celia Bigelow, Students Against Barack Obama

President Obama’s performance in the debate last night proves he is unequipped to address and tackle the enormous road blocks to balances the budget and getting young Americans back to work.

When Romney has to explain basic economics to the President of the United States, we have a problem.

But what’s more is that four more years of Obama’s leadership””or lack there of””will be absolutely devastating, mostly for the up-and-coming generations. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Tuition costs

During the debate, president Obama addressed that one of the things he will focus on in the next four years is keeping college costs low for students that wish to attend college.

Keep college costs low? In the last four years of this administration, we have seen tuition increase by 25 percent.

Why? Holding interest rates on student loans at artificially low levels (i.e. easy loan policies) creates an influx of demand for higher education. Anyone that has taken a basic economics course knows that when demand increases for a product, prices will increase. The more government “aids” students without strings on higher education, the higher these prices will go.

2. Medicare

Medicare will go bankrupt if we follow Obama’s budget. It’s the biggest driver of our debt, and yet, Obama attacked Romney for proposing minor reforms to the programs. The status quo leads to nowhere, but Obama won’t stop pandering to the AARP. Personally, I agree with Governor Romney; I want to be able to choose to buy private insurance with Medicare.

3. ObamaCare

Once again, Obama brought up how awesome ObamaCare is because “kids”””yes 25-year-old adults kids””can stay on their family plan until they’re 26.

ObamaCare mandates virtually all employers to buy their employees healthcare, so Obama must be banking on high youth unemployment.

Besides that, calling people my age “kids” is just annoying and condescending.

What does an Obama future look like for young Americans? Unemployment, loads of debt, parental dependency, and a lack of freedom. The only way to ensure a prosperous future and to secure our liberty is to fire Obama on November 6.

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