As we rapidly approach Election Day””less than four weeks from today””we need to remember that all of our actions over the next 25 days will be magnified for years to come. This is an ‘all-in’ election and it’s going to take each of us to Keep America Free and Fire Obama this November 6th.

So I’m asking: Are YOU doing what it takes to win this November 6? What sacrifices are you willing to make to ensure that November 6, 2012 is viewed in history books as a day when a majority of Americans made a desperately needed course correction back to the principles and liberties that made America the hope of the earth?

Cornelia Mrose is answering this call. This weekend””on Keep America Free Weekend””Cornelia will be leading a team of volunteers from New York to go door-to-door in northeast Pennsylvania, where the latest two polls show the presidential race within the margin for error. Leader of the West Chester County Tea Party in New York, this is the third weekend in a row that Cornelia has organized her team to travel nearly 300 miles round trip to go door-to-door in this critical battleground state!

It has often been said that converts make for the most zealous believers. Perhaps that’s why Cornelia, who immigrated to America from Germany in 2003 and became a citizen in 2010 (just in time to vote in the midterm election!), has demonstrated this extraordinary level of commitment and passion for America in our nation’s time of need.

Like all of us, Cornelia has plenty of other things she could be doing with her spare time. After all, she’s a married mother of three and a software developer by trade. But Cornelia said it best when we asked her what caused her to make such a deep commitment to firing Obama: “Milton Friedman once said: “Freedom is a rare and delicate flower.” And it’s a beautiful flower too. But it’s always, and especially now, in danger of being trampled and destroyed””even in a country where it has blossomed for centuries.”

Thankfully, we are not asking anyone to drive a few hundred miles round trip like Cornelia is doing. We are simply asking each of you to make the commitment this Saturday and Sunday for American Majority Action and Heritage Action’s Keep America Free Weekend.

1. Visit 50-100 people in your neighborhood with AMA-provided walk lists and materials to help encourage voters to defeat President Obama and/or:
2. Make 100 calls this weekend on our Political Gravity phone system (especially if you are not located within our five target states.)

Our offices throughout Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin will provide the targeting, literature, and training you need to be effective this weekend. We only ask that you show a fraction of the commitment that patriots like Cornelia Mrose are demonstrating by helping to end this sad chapter in the story of our nation: the Obama Presidency.

Please sign up TODAY for Keep America Free Weekend this October 13th & 14th–our country is counting on you!