Can you feel the winds of political change blowing?

Contrary to the spoon-fed media narrative that President Obama is politically invincible this November 6th, we are now seeing that myth collapse as millions of Americans saw both candidates take the stage last week in the first presidential debate. Every indication from the latest national and battleground state polling now confirms what we’ve suspected about this race for many months: a mere 5-10 voters per precinct will decide states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin this November 6th.

Simply put, we’re looking at a razor close race – but it’s one we can win! I anticipate we’ll all be up extremely late on the night of November 6th waiting for the final counties to report and decide these key states. We are doing everything we can with our grassroots partners to make sure that the sad chapter of the Obama presidency comes to an end this November 6th. But we need your help to make this happen–so what can you do about it?

Join American Majority Action and Heritage Action as we hit the streets and phones this weekend for Keep America Free Weekend (October 13th and 14th). We are asking everyone to do their part by visiting 50-100 houses this weekend if you live in those five states, or by calling 100 voters in those states this weekend. Here’s the best part – even if you live in another state, you can still participate. Our goal is to reach 250,000 voters this weekend alone! You can join us for this critical effort!

I don’t think I’ll ever forget meeting Jim Whiteside and Joe Shea, both World War II veterans, who stood for a full day in the Florida sun registering voters at the American Majority Pledge to Vote exhibit booth at the Daytona 500 back in February. While both of them had every right to enjoy some free time, these two heroes are still working to Keep America Free nearly seven decades after they put their lives on the line to defend America.

We all have to do our part. The price of American liberty has usually been paid in blood. This year, we’re lucky that we can safeguard America by hitting the streets, talking to neighbors and calling fellow citizens to speak to them about the future of our country.

Please don’t miss this critical event. Your actions””or lack thereof””could literally decide the future of our nation this November 6th. Sign up today!