Ron Paul is retiring after serving 12 terms in the United States Congress, and I feel blessed to have lived and learned during his service to our country.

Though many–including myself–may disagree with his libertarian stance on national security, Ron Paul is one of the only political leaders left standing up for the original intent and preservation of the Constitution. Ron Paul has been a role model to me for two main reasons: his tireless fight against the Federal Reserve and his ability to reach out to young Americans.

America completely left the gold standard in the early 70s, giving the Federal Reserve free range to devalue the American dollar by printing money not backed by commodity. The average annual inflation rate since Ron Paul took office in 1976 has been 4 percent. A dollar in 1976 had the same purchasing power as $4.07 today. To put it in simpler terms, by printing money the Federal Reserve has inflated our currency so much that a dollar can only buy a quarter of the goods today than it could in 1976.

What’s worse is the effect that inflation has on one’s savings. Say someone started a retirement account in 1976 and accumulated $500,000. With a 4 percent inflation rate, $500,000 today would only have the purchasing power of $122,500 in 1976. This nearly chopped $377,500 right off their savings.

It’s as if the Fed committed a robbery without even breaking into your bank account.

Ron Paul has lead the modern movement for harnessing the Fed’s damage to our currency, and he deserves all the respect we can give him. From his book End the Fed to his movement in Congress to have the Fed audited, Ron Paul has led the charge to move America back to a commodity-based currency to ensure sound money for the future.

And, it’s really no wonder has to why young people love him.

Ron Paul has always stayed true to the Constitution and has held political leaders accountable–Republicans and Democrats–for their actions.  Young people love the truth and they love freedom, and Ron Paul is the embodiment of both. Ron Paul isn’t influenced by political ideologies, he is influenced by the law of the land. He isn’t afraid to call leaders out in his own party if they are straying from the Constitution. He is one of the most politically transparent figures in American politics–something that is a rare find nowadays.

But another reason why young people are drawn to Ron Paul is that he actually reaches out to them. Conservative leaders have been nearly absent college campuses, especially during election seasons when young people are looking for answers. Ron Paul has always placed young people at the forefront of his political endeavors and has been able to explain political talking points in a way that engages young Americans to care and take action.

I am inclined to think that if Ron Paul–who I believe would have carried the youth vote–were the conservative candidate this election, we wouldn’t have four more years of the current President.

Ron Paul is an amazing political figure that America has had the pleasure to know. I hope he has left enough of a legacy among younger Congressman–and future Congressman–to keep the fight going. He sure will be missed.

Celia Bigelow is the Campus Director for American Majority Action. You can contact her at