We are still 5 months from the November election, but liberals are conceding that 2014 will be another good year for Republicans in Wisconsin. Facing a 60-39 Republican Assembly Majority, Democrats need to win a lot of races to take back the State Assembly.  Yet Democrats failed to recruit candidates to file in many key races, including in 10 Republican held seats where President Obama got 45% or more of the vote in 2012.  The Democrats’ actions, or lack thereof, speak volumes about the type of year Democrats expect.

Five months is a long time in campaigns, with very few voters closely following the state legislative races this far out. Public polling, while common for US Senate and Gubernatorial races, is non-existent for state assembly ones. A lot can change over 5 months in terms of the national, state and local political climates. But Democrats have already conceded that the political climate will be unfavorable in the fall.

With this climate in mind, Democrats have apparently abandoned their attempts to find candidates for every Assembly seat as they have in recent cycles. Democrats did not field candidates in 23 Assembly seats, including the following 10 where Obama received 45% or more in 2012.

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