Since the election, it’s been mourning in America””not “Morning in America”””for most conservatives. We’ve lamented losing to one of the most vulnerable incumbent presidents in the last century, but folks, we still have reasons to be grateful.

It’s Thanksgiving this week, and it’s only appropriate to start looking positively into the future. Here are five reasons we conservative should be grateful:

1.       “The Bench” can finally take over the GOP.

Even Democrats admit that the conservative “bench”””our set of upcoming leaders””is strong. The Senate and governorships are loaded with charismatic, bold, and proven conservatives. Let me put it this way: In 2016, we won’t have to settle for a candidate who supported government healthcare. If they choose to run, conservatives will get to choose from Governor Bobby Jindal (LA), Governor-elect Mike Pence (IN), Governor Susana Martinez (NM), Governor Scott Walker, Governor, Nikki Haley(NC), Senator Marco Rubio (FL), Senator Rand Paul (KY), Senator Ted Cruz (TX), and Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH)””just to start the list. All of these conservatives are principled and articulate spokespeople for the movement. The GOP establishment is finally starting to yield power to them, and it could be an exciting next ten years.

2.       The lack of future Democratic leadership.

Beyond the Governor Andrew Cuomo, who can they run? Joe Biden? Hillary Clinton? At best, they might be able to get Senator Mark Warner (VA) to run, if he survives his own reelection bid in 2014. Overall, the Democrats are short on inspiration for the future.

3.       Ted Cruz is in the Senate!

I know I already mentioned him, but Cruz is the real deal. Get ready for some real energy in the Senate from him and Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, and Senators-Elect Deb Fischer and Jeff Flake.

4.       Second terms aren’t fun for incumbent presidents.

Second terms are rough. Every second-term president since Nixon has faced a scandal or crisis which led to an abrupt loss of popularity. For G.W. Bush, it was Iraq. For Clinton, it was Lewinsky. For Reagan, it was Iran-Contra. For LBJ, it was Vietnam. For Nixon, it was Watergate. With Benghazi and Fast and Furious still on the table””not to mention any future scandals””things could get ugly for Obama, especially as the economy worsens.

5.       Let Them Eat Taxhikes.

Even if President Obama gets his way and sets the agenda, it’s not like tax-hikes will fix the economy or make him more popular. His policies are terrible for the economy, and while it stinks for struggling Americans to live through this misery, at least we’ll have a clear mandate for new leadership in 2014 and 2016. Obama can only blame Bush for so long, especially if Obama actually passes exactly what he wants to. This isn’t to say Republicans should support the Obama agenda; it just means it’s not the end of the world.

Conservatives, eat your turkey this Thanksgiving with a light heart. Things are rough and will get rougher in the next four years, but I have hope that if we persevere, there will be a light at the end of this tunnel.


By Ron Meyer, American Majority Action Press Secretary