Posters Inform Young Voters About Youth Unemployment, the National Debt, and College Costs

The last four years under President Barack Obama (B.O.) have stunk for young people.

No other demographic has suffered more from the economic policies of this president than the under-30 crowd. Young people have been left jobless, saddled with debt, and living at home with their parents.

Students Against Barack Obama, a project of American Majority Action, is taking this message to dozens of swing-state campuses across the nation. In the last two weeks before the election, Students Against Barack Obama will send thousands of “Say No to B.O.” posters and signs to be displayed at prominent places on campus.

Beyond making fun of the President’s initials, these signs and posters also include three big statistics explaining why young Americans should fire Obama.

397,000 fewer net youth jobs
$16 trillion debt
Tuition up 25%

The policies of this president have significantly increased the cost of living and of higher education, while leaving young people with lower incomes or no job prospects whatsoever.

In the last four years, tuition has increased 25 percent and average student loan debt has increased 15 percent. Students are finding that they are spending astronomical amounts of money for a college degree that will only give them a 50 percent chance of finding a full-time job after graduation.

Not exactly the American Dream.

Nothing breaks a sense of misery like good old college humor, which is why Students Against Barack Obama is encouraging students to post these signs around their college campuses. Young people have a chance to ensure they don’t get four more miserable years–all they have to do is “Say No to B.O” on November 6th.

By Celia Bigelow and Ron Meyer, American Majority Action

“Say No to B.O” Signs Hit Dozens of Swing-State Campuses“Say No to B.O” Signs Hit Dozens of Swing-State Campuses