By now, only a person living in Alternate Universe One could fail to understand that the past three years have precisely nothing to do with Russian collusion or Ukraine corruption and everything to do with who makes decisions about American policy: the duly elected president of the United States or the administrative state. That is the struggle right now. The crux is a struggle between advocates of our constitutional republic and those who prefer government by an administrative state composed of unelected elites.

There are no guarantees about who will win the fight.

The first public impeachment inquiry hearings on Wednesday showed that very clearly: George Kent and William Taylor weren’t witnesses per se as they clearly had witnessed nothing. In reality, they were mere opinionists. It became clear very quickly that Festivus had come early as two self-important bureaucrats took the stand for a grand airing of their grievances with the president over his policy decisions.

While some may call their behavior seditious, there is no doubting these types feel emboldened in today’s political climate. Bolstered by their propagandists in the media, an effete legal system, and a major political party, the administrative state actors are feeling so confident they’ve actually dropped the pretense that there is no such thing as a deep state. Old and broke is “the devil isn’t real.” New and woke is “the devil is real and he’s here for your good.”

But another factor tilts the contest in favor of the administrative state: it’s a rigged numbers game pure and simple. READ MORE AT AMGREATNESS.COM