“Disaster. Scary. Expensive.” A recent survey asked Americans to describe their thoughts on Obamacare in one or two words and the overwhelming majority basically said “No good!”

Obamacare has been law for three years this month and despite Obama’s reelection, popular opinion stands against his health care solution. In fact, opposition to Obamacare is on the rise among Republicans and Democrats alike.

Yet state leaders and over 20 governors are taking steps to allow their states to participate in advancing Obamacare. A 2012 Supreme Court ruling gave states the option to opt out of participating in Medicaid expansion, but they’re choosing not to take it.

Ohio Governor John Kasich wants to advance Obamacare by taking Obama’s money, terms, and conditions to expand Medicaid in Ohio. But there is no pot of designated Federal money for states to expand Obamacare through Medicaid. Ohio is not missing a mythical “fair share.”

By taking federal dollars to advance Obamacare in Ohio, Governor Kasich is taking money that D.C. does not have. That means more debt for our children and potentially more future taxes for everyone. America is broke. More government spending and control is not the answer.

We need a healthy economy and free market solutions to ensure fewer Americans are dependent on government for healthcare.

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Action item for Ohioans: The Republican controlled Ohio House of Representatives and Senate must first approve Kasich’s Obamcare expansion, and this is where you can make a difference. Please contact your state representative and tell them to stop the Obamacare expansion in Ohio, by voting NO on any expansion to Medicaid in Ohio. You can make all the difference in stopping this Obamacare expansion. Contact your representative here.

24 Governors Currently Support Medicaid Expansion:

Action item for the rest of us: Take a look at where your state stands and contact your representatives, urging them to stop the advance of Obamacare in your state.

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