Exclusive to the Daily Caller:

We’re down to the final five days of the most important election of our generation. What are conservatives doing to help get out the youth vote on campus?

In 2008, Senator Obama’s most important voter demographic was young Americans, of which he handily won by a 34-point margin over Senator McCain–66 percent to 32 percent. President Obama knows the importance of their vote, and he must win this demographic by at least 55 percent to ensure another victory.

But President Obama’s support among young people is waning. A recent Pew Research poll shows that the President’s support among the MTV generation has dropped 10 points, down to 56 percent, since 2008. With this news, conservative leaders and college students should be doing everything in their power to rally students to fire Obama next Tuesday.

The left dominates Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) on college campuses, yet conservatives have never made an honest effort to do so themselves. Now is our chance. If President Obama dips below 55 percent of the youth vote, he is in serious trouble.

Conservative leaders, grassroots organizations, and conservative students should be on college campuses asking every students one question: Are you better off than you were four years ago? The answer is obvious: young people are not better off, and they deserve better.

Young people have a hard time piecing together cause and effect situations when it comes to the economy. Conservatives need to be blanketing college campuses with the economic facts, but more importantly, linking back to how President Obama caused them.

Here are the five main points conservatives should be hitting on college campuses:

President Obama has averaged the highest youth unemployment rate–17.5 percent–than any other presidential term. 397,000 youth jobs have been lost in the last four years.
Obamacare will increase youth healthcare costs by 45 percent. Student healthcare plans have already increased as much as 1,112 percent due to Obamacare.
In 2008, President Obama said, “When I’m president, I will make college affordable for every American.” However, due to his easy loan policies, college tuition has increased 25 percent, while average student loan debt has increased 15 percent.
College graduates have a 30 percent chance of moving home with their parents after graduation.
It’s time to stop blaming Bush. President Reagan turned a worse economy around in just four years. Youth unemployment during the Reagan recovery dropped 43 percent, from 18.8 percent to 10.7 percent.

Obama knows they can’t run on his economic record, which is why they are getting creative with their GOTV tactics. On the first day of early voting in Fort Collins, Colorado, a complaint was filed against Obama For America for offering free pizza and prizes to students in exchange for their vote.

On Ohio State University’s campus, leftist organizers have been busing as many as 500 students at a time to early voting. The Obama campaign even has an office on campus, advertised with a poster on the front window that says “catch a ride with us” to early voting, and “Free Food; Come Together; Make History.”

Conservatives should be directly combatting this on campus. Disenchanted young people are looking for answers as to why “hope” and “change” has been turned into misery and disaster. Young people  have never been more economically miserable, which is why the youth polls have remained constant. President Obama, despite his best efforts, has failed to regain the support he has lost among young Americans.

Conservatives have a historic opportunity to gain the support of young people, and they have one last shot at doing so during GOTV. If they make an honest attempt on college campuses to tie the last four devastating years back to President Obama, he will be the one left devastated on November 6th.

Celia Bigelow–age 22–is the founder of Students Against Barack Obama, a project of American Majority Action.