By Angela Kelley

Are you racist? Are you sure? White progressives say you are. If you’ve never had a racist thought in your life or maybe you are 4-years-old and don’t know what that word means. But you happen to be white, so you’d better check yourself. The only acceptable white person is one who is calling out the racism of the entire white race, even the racism in themselves and routinely apologizing for the way God made them. If you are not calling it out, you are part of the problem.

Want to be a woke progressive leftist? There are some very strict rules you must follow. Here are some of them.

You must be a feminist, but you must also believe in the right of biological men who think they are women to compete against biological women and shower with them. You must believe men can get pregnant. You must believe in abortion up until moments after birth, but you must also be for black lives (unless they are babies). You must #believeallwomen unless the woman is accusing a Democrat.

You must be appalled at a private conversation between two men, one a famous billionaire, talking about women throwing themselves at him, yet you must approve of a former president having an affair in the Oval Office with a young intern because he kept abortion legal.


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