American Majority Action Launches #FireBoehner Movement, Claims GOP Needs Just 16 House Votes to Depose Boehner

If 16 Conservatives Abstain from Floor Vote, Boehner Will Not Receive the Required 218-Vote House Majority

December 5, 2012 ”” American Majority Action (AMA) has joined numerous other conservative groups in denouncing House Speaker John Boehner for purging four conservative House members from their committees.

However, AMA has taken it a step further. Beyond denouncing the Speaker, AMA’s President and CEO, Ned Ryun, has called for GOP members to fire John Boehner as speaker.

“Speaker Boehner has been an abysmal failure as speaker, and his latest purge is the nail in the coffin for conservatives.” Ryun added, “Boehner has never won a negation battle with the White House or Senate””and he’s been nothing short of an embarrassing spokesman for the Conservative Movement. It’s time for him to go.”

Countless conservatives have expressed this sentiment since news on the conservative purge broke on Monday. While it is clear most conservatives would like a different speaker, no one has figured out how to depose Boehner. Speaker Boehner, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi before him, is infamous for the power he wields within his caucus.

“The Conservative Movement doesn’t realize we only need 16 House votes to block Boehner from becoming Speaker,” Ryun said. “House rules demand nominees for speaker to receive a majority””at least 218 votes””to win election. If 16 members abstain, Boehner only has 217 votes.”

“We only need 16 votes to get conservatives on the path to actually reducing our $16 trillion debt,” AMA Virginia Director Matt Robbins added. “If conservatives want to tackle our biggest challenges, we need competent leaders””and frankly””new leaders.”

AMA staff members have launched the Twitter hashtag, #FireBoehner, which has already received more than 1,600 tweets. AMA is asking its activists to call conservative members of the House to encourage them to abstain from the House vote for speaker, which will occur during the first week in January.


For more information, email Ron Meyer, Press Secretary and Spokesman for AMA, at or call (804)867-7832.