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The latest Marquette University Law School Poll showed a dead heat between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his challenger Mary Burke (47%-47%).

Big Labor targeted Scott Walker with a recall in 2012, yet failed. So they are doubling down again this year. One Big Labor boss just predicted that Scott Walker is on “his way out.” Bill Clinton is visiting Wisconsin on Friday and President Obama is even scheduled to come in himself next week.

American Majority Action staff work side-by-side with local conservatives each election year. In 2012 we contacted over one million targeted voters either by door-knocking or through live calls in a period of about eight weeks. Now we’re at it again in Wisconsin.

It’s a proven fact that personal contact wins elections and we’re determined to use the remaining hours to keep up our person-to-person strategy: using the latest technology to contact targeted voters in Wisconsin. Our field team has been knocking on doors since before Labor Day and is working hard to identify conservative voters and turn them out in the election.

We knocked on our 25,000th door across the state earlier this week.

Our message is simple: we need to keep Wisconsin heading in the right direction. In 2010, Wisconsin faced a $3.6 billion deficit. With the 2010 wave election, conservatives were elected and were able to turn the state around.

This race will come down to the wire in Wisconsin. We’ll keep you posted.