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American Majority Action Launches “Stand with Steitz” Campaign

I stand with steitz

With four weeks until the primary election, American Majority Action (AMA) Wisconsin is launching a “Stand with Steitz” Campaign to mobilize grassroots conservative activists in the 21st Senate Primary in Racine and Kenosha Counties. AMA, which coined the term “I Stand with Walker” during the 2011 protests in Madison, will turn out conservative voters and convey the importance of standing with conservative Jonathan Steitz.

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Reporters Show Egregious Bias in Scott Walker Coverage

Matt Batzel, author

Media Bias was on full display last week in reaction to news coming out of Wisconsin. Reporters’ assumptions that conservative politicians are cheating the system led them to report significant factual errors regarding Gov. Scott Walker and a “criminal scheme.” In reality, failed legal arguments were being publicly exposed for the first time as a federal judge forced prosecutors to attempt to damage Walker in the public eye when they could not in court in this once secret conservative witch hunt. The media’s coverage of Scott Walker reveals egregious bias and their blatant disregard for the facts.

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‘Going Washington’ a balancing act

'Going Washington' a balancing act

Republican Reps. Paul Ryan of Janesville and Duffy of Wausau are part of what’s known as the “couch caucus” in Congress. They don’t have any residence in Washington, and sleep in their Capitol Hill offices instead.

That may not seem the most comfortable lifestyle, but it could help keep them comfortably in their seats, or at least safe from the threat of tea party challenges.

Because conservatives, especially emboldened by the recent defeat of Cantor, are sure to continue pressing members to spend more time in their home states.

“The more time you spend inside the Beltway, the less realistic your view of the Midwest or wherever the home districts are,” said Wisconsin-based Matt Batzel, national director of conservative group American Majority Action. “I think that’s a common theme for a lot of members of Congress.”

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Some Wisconsin representatives spend little time in their home state

Critics assert that not spending enough time in the home district creates a deeper problem than just providing potential campaign fodder. They say it causes members of Congress like Petri to lose touch with their constituents. And that means the members are not representing them adequately in Congress.

“It’s just a different generation, the old guard, with almost a Washington-knows-best mentality of, ‘We’ll get together with folks in Washington and figure out what folks in Fox Valley and Wisconsin truly need,’” said Matt Batzel, the Wisconsin-based national director of the conservative group American Majority Action. “And folks here want D.C. to listen to them as opposed to being told what’s best for them.”

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