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Obama’s Policies are Hurting Women

The piece below was published on RightWisconsin.com.

President Obama visited Milwaukee Monday — Labor Day — to give a speech that included an interesting take on women’s-rights issues and how he has personally fought for equal pay for women.

I watched the president’s Labor Day speech and felt weakened and dishonored. “Men, you should want your wife to be paid fair. She’s bringing that money home. That’s not a women’s issue — that’s your issue; that is money out of your family’s pocket,” he saidI thought women’s rights is about empowering women, not about how our husbands should feel regarding the pay we bring home and the need for us to support our families. Mr. President, I am not the victim that your party’s fantasy feminist patriarchy makes me out to be. Obama wants more pay for women but supports a heavy tax burden on Americans. Just one example: Obamacare increased taxes by more than $1 trillion. Men, you need to worry less about how much money your wife is bringing home and more about how much the federal government is stealing from your pocket right under your nose.

The real “war on women” is the liberal notion that the only way to empower women is through wealthy and powerful careers. What about the single mom? Obama brings up the fact that he was raised by a single mom and knows how hard it is for them in America but he does nothing to recognize the hard work they put in and the wonderful job they do in singlehandedly raising their children on. In Obama’s mind, all women are struggling. How is the Left’s radical abortion agenda empowering for women to raise children when all the left does is promote the decision women can make to terminate a pregnancy?  Mr. President, you wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for your mom’s decision to raise you on her own.

The president’s trip to Milwaukee was a way for him to push the fake “war on women” that the Left — with no grasp on reality — pushes. Mr. Obama brought up “fair pay,” an issue that has come up in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race. The left points to a 2009 Wisconsin law (“Equal Pay Enforcement Act”), which was repealed. The reality is that law was never used in Wisconsin for a lawsuit and the state still has a Fair Employment Act in addition to the federal protections. The 2009 law was just a duplicative law that the Left is using to scare women. This is the Left’s playbook: to smear and distort the truth in an attempt to win elections. Women, you need to call out these lies when you see them. Stand up to the Left’s false rhetoric to stop the real war on women.

Conservative women and men must create their own positive messages to empower women and reach the hearts and minds of those around them. Let’s show that conservative principles advance women’s rights. I believe that it is important to organize at the grassroots level to reach women, not only offline but online as well. Women need to focus on having an equal opportunity to live happy lives in a free society — without the weight of the Left’s destructive agenda.

Kayla Gabrielse is a Field Staffer for American Majority Action.

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American Majority Action Opens Liberty Headquarters

Matt Batzel, American Majority Action
Mobile: (920) 917-5860 E-mail: mattb@am-action.org

American Majority Action Opens Liberty Headquarters in Sheboygan County for Fall Elections 

Conservative Group Will Maintain Volunteer Mobilization Hub to get out the vote

Sheboygan, WI- (September 3,2014) — With the fall election 9 weeks away, conservative group American Majority Action (AMA) has opened a Liberty Headquarters in Sheboygan County. The Liberty Headquarters will be a hub of Get-Out-the-Vote activity in critical target counties including Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Ozaukee and other surrounding counties.

“Sheboygan County and the surrounding counties play a critical role in the fall election. We’ve successfully mobilized the conservative vote and targeted swing voters in these areas in prior elections and will do it again this fall,” said Matt Batzel, Wisconsin State Director of American Majority Action. “This center will provide a range of resources and information to ensure voters in Sheboygan are educated about the issues and get out to the polls.”

American Majority Action’s Sheboygan Liberty Headquarters will serve as a central nerve center for conservative volunteers throughout the area to conduct voter targeting, outreach, advocacy and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities from now until November 4th. Staff and volunteers will educate voters on critical issues ranging from Obamacare to reducing our tax burden.

Through the AMA Liberty Headquarters, local grassroots groups will also have access to the latest technology and receive personalized access to the Voter Gravity get-out-the-vote system, which will allow activists to participate in grassroots activities in their local communities.

The American Majority Action Sheboygan County Liberty Headquarters will host a Grand Opening this Friday, September 5, from 4:00-7:00pm. The headquarters is located at 220 S. Business Park Drive, Oostburg, WI 53070 just off I-43.



About American Majority Action: American Majority Action is a national 501(c)(4) issues-oriented organization dedicated to engaging citizens and mobilizing volunteers to promote free market principles and American individualism.  AMA is founded on the belief that citizen engagement at the local, state and Federal levels can foster needed systemic change to preserve the American dream. You can learn more athttp://americanmajorityaction.org/.

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Unlocking Potential All-Star Workshop Social-Media Blitz

Blue bird with social media icons

 Blue bird with social media icons

WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 23 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. MDT

Election Day is just around the corner! And, in preparation for the big day, American Conservative Union Chairwoman Carly Fiorina and nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt, in partnership with those at the Unlocking Potential Project and American Majority Action, will gather Saturday at the Denver Athletic Club to lead a workshop on maximizing one’s potential as a grassroots activist and/or candidate, including presentations on best practices for fundraising and leveraging social-media accounts.

Are you unable to attend the event but would still like to show your support for grassroots conservatism in 2014 and beyond? Here’s what you can do between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. MDT August 23 to help spread the word on how to build a grassroots machine that lasts!

1. Share our American Majority Action Facebook posts to your Facebook account(s).

— Know your neighborhood! http://on.fb.me/1o9D2Py

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2. Share our American Majority Action blog posts.

— 5 ways to unlock your potential in the workplace http://bit.ly/1rSN5vV

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— Admit One: Denver Workshop w/ Carly Fiorina & Hugh Hewitt http://bit.ly/1qmMnF4

3. Tweet or Facebook your support for unlocking grassroots potential in 2014 and beyond with these suggested tweets and hashtags.

— “The world needs American #strength and #leadership now more than ever before.” . 

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— ~ We’re focusing on 6  states where we CAN win  seats and where  will make the difference. . #UPAllStars

Screenshot 2014-08-19 13.29.16

Admit One: Denver Workshop w/ Carly Fiorina & Hugh Hewitt

Have you reserved your spot at the Unlocking Potential All-Star Workshop with Carly Fiorina and Hugh Hewitt Aug. 23 in Denver? We’re handing out FREE tickets to this exciting event. Registration is limited so grab yours today!

Admit-One: Carly Fiorinia & Hugh Hewitt

Do you have friends who live in the Denver area who would like a free ticket? Click here to spread the word to your Facebook friends by inviting them to the event page on Facebook.

With Election Day fewer than 90 days away, it’s imperative conservatives gain access to the inspiration and training they need to connect with voters and win this November!

The best practices you’ll learn include:

  • Building a Grassroots Machine (That Lasts!)
  • Winning Online: Unlocking More Power from Social Media
  • The Art & Science of a Successful Get-Out-The-Vote Strategy
  • Messaging, Polling, and Social Media: Women Fight Back Panel
  • Over lunch enjoy an exclusive one-on-one interview with Carly Fiorina and Hugh Hewitt.

Don’t miss one of the most important events you’ll attend this year. Join us and spread the word!

Find out the one thing Americans need to tap into their potential

American Majority Action this month is excited to host, in partnership with the Unlocking Potential Project, the Unlocking Potential All-Star Workshop with Carly Fiorina and Hugh Hewitt. Attendees at this free Denver, Colorado workshop will hear from the American Conservative Union chairwoman as she addresses the important issues facing America and what the average citizen can do about them.

Check out this quick clip from earlier this year (see below or click here to watch) when Ms. Fiorina discusses why conservative ideals work better, citing the problem of a growing culture of dependency and suggesting a commonsense solution.

“Progressives are … trying to continue a cycle of dependency. Conservatives know that people aren’t poor because they lack ambition … intelligence or potential. They lack the tools to tap into their potential and the opportunity to unleash potential,” she said.

Click here to find out about Carly Fiorina and the upcoming Unlocking Potential All-Star Workshop with Carly Fiorina and Hugh Hewitt.