With four weeks until Election Day, Pennsylvania is a dead heat. The latest statewide poll released yesterday by Susquehanna Polling and Research shows President Obama’s lead in Pennsylvania has essentially vanished: Obama 47%, Romney 45%.

You see, the media and their allies on the left spun a very successful narrative since Labor Day that this election was in the bag for the President. Although none of us have seen anecdotal evidence to suggest that, our opponents have relentlessly continued their drumbeat that Obama was rising and Governor Romney was tanking. And then last Wednesday’s debate happened and for the first time millions of Americans and Pennsylvanians were able to see these two candidates in their own words and on the same stage. We saw their contrasting views for America without a media filter. And since then, the facade of Obama’s electoral invincibility is beginning to crumble.

It’s gut check time, folks. There is no longer a question as to whether Pennsylvania is going to be a close race this November 6th. It is. The only question is what are YOU going to do to make sure that Pennsylvania plays a leading role in denying President Obama a second term. The fact is this: there is no viable path to re-election for Obama if he loses Pennsylvania this November 6th.

So I’m asking you:

Will you join me in personally visiting at least 50-100 homes in Pennsylvania this weekend? Or making 100 calls to boost turnout against President Obama on November 6th?

Join us by clicking on this link and signing up for American Majority Action and Heritage Action’s Keep America Free weekend (October 13th and 14th). Our staff will send you a walk list and materials for your own neighborhood and/or a call list so you can make calls from home using the cutting edge Political Gravity system.

The time for rallies and events is over. The time for action is now. Please join us this weekend to help Keep America Free!

Post by: Martin Gillespie, Executive Director of American Majority Action