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Conservative Group’s Ground-Game Hit 1,000,000th Live Voter Contacts to 

Get out the Vote

Since June, American Majority Action (AMA) staff in three battleground states have been working around the clock to turn the tide of this election and encourage the public to vote on November 3rd. 

With the unforeseen challenges of this year, American Majority Action has turned to phone calls and peer to peer text messaging to conduct the bulk of their grassroots efforts. In recent weeks, the restrictions have alleviated in certain areas and allowed for door knocking efforts to resume as planned with Voter Gravity’s groundbreaking technology which allows staff to quickly and accurately get out the vote through micro-targeting voters. With this technology, we aim to knock on 100,000 doors before election day. 

“We’ve always been a big believer that in-person contact is the best means to get out the vote,” AMA Founder and CEO Ned Ryun said. “We’re excited about where we’re at in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Virginia and we’ll accomplish a lot more between now and November.”

Ryun added, “This election cycle is the most important since 1860. It will determine the direction of our nation and the type of country our children will inherit. We’re determined to do everything we can to help Donald Trump get re-elected.”



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