Washington, DC…August 21, 2012””American Majority Action President and CEO Ned Ryun released the following statement today in response to the U.S Department of Justice’s move to finally approve Virginia’s voter identification law on Monday.

“After months of throwing up roadblocks to common sense voter ID policies and accusing states across America of outright racism, the Obama Justice Department has finally cleared the way for Virginia’s new voter ID law.  Despite more than 70% of Americans believing voter ID laws allow for a more secure and reliable voting process, we’ve seen little support from the Obama Administration for this type of legislation and similar efforts to purge voter rolls of ineligible voters.

Americans know that the right to vote is fundamental despite the claims from the Left.  Voter ID laws preserve the basis of a functioning democracy, ensuring that only eligible voters are given the chance to cast their vote.  Voter ID laws in states like Indiana and Georgia have been successful in increasing confidence in the system and access to the polls – including in Democrat-heavy areas.  We need less obstruction by the Obama Administration and more sensible voter ID laws like Virginia’s to discourage fraud and enable political participation.”

Thomas J. Basile