Sheboygan, WI…September 21, 2012”” With election day less than 50 days away and Wisconsin poised to play an important role in determining the outcome, national conservative organization American Majority Action (AMA) has opened a Liberty Headquarters in Sheboygan County. The Liberty Headquarters will be a hub of Get-Out-the-Vote activity in critical target counties including Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Calumet, Manitowoc, and other surrounding counties. The effort follows AMA’s successful Wisconsin GOTV effort during the 2012 recall elections in partnership with local tea party groups.

“Wisconsin plays a pivotal role in winning Wisconsin. Wisconsinites overwhelmingly came out in support of Governor Scott Walker during the June recall election. They understand we simply cannot continue to tax and spend without everyone paying their fair share of benefits. The Dairyland is in the spotlight with the nomination of Paul Ryan and they will come out to win this state,” said Ned Ryun, President of American Majority Action. “This center, and the others around the state, will provide a range of resources and information to ensure voters in Sheboygan are educated about the issues and get out to the polls to ensure Barack Obama is denied a second term.”

A recent poll conducted by Quinnnipac University Poll showed Mr. Obama losing among Wisconsin independents. The President is edging Governor Mitt Romney by a margin of 51%-46%, well below his fourteen point 2008 victory.

American Majority Action’s Sheboygan Liberty Headquarters will serve as a central nerve center for conservative volunteers throughout the area to conduct voter targeting, outreach, advocacy and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities from now until November 6th. Staff and volunteers will educate voters on critical issues from Obamacare, to our massive budget deficit and the mounting threat our federal government poses to our constitutional freedoms.

Through the AMA Liberty Headquarters, local grassroots groups will also have access to the latest
technology and receive personalized access to the Gravity get-out-the-vote system, which will allow
activists to participate in grassroots activities in their local communities.

Local tea party organizations and other volunteers will receive the resources and guidance necessary to
effectively boost turnout among fiscal conservatives this fall. “With effective messaging and organization
Wisconsinites can have a profound impact on the direction of this nation,” states Ryun. “Moving the
needle even a little in these key areas in favor of limited government and more freedom can make a
significant difference.”

The American Majority Action Sheboygan Liberty Headquarters will host a “Fire Obama” Grand Opening
this Tuesday, September 25, 2012 from 5:30-7:30pm. The headquarters is located at 220 S. Business Park Drive, Oostburg, WI 53070 just off I-43.

Matt Batzel
Wisconsin Director, American Majority Action | Cell: (920) 917-5860 Email: matt@am-action.org