Washington, DC…July 31, 2012””American Majority Action President and CEO Ned Ryun released the following statement today in reaction to the Obama campaign’s continued support of tax credits for wind energy despite the dismal failure of its efforts to use taxpayer dollars to prop up renewable energy firms:

“After wasting nearly a billion dollars of taxpayer money in a failed attempt to create an artificial demand for so-called green power, the Obama Administration has again demonstrated a devotion to yet another failed economic policy.  The Obama campaign may claim that providing preferential treatment to wind energy firms will create so-called green jobs, but after the Solyndra debacle Americans know this policy has more to do with filling the pockets of Obama’s progressive supporters than anything else.

Our country needs a national energy policy that will help facilitate lasting economic growth.  That requires government to create a level playing field for all sources of energy including nuclear, natural gas, coal, oil and renewables.  Playing favorites with taxpayer money or forcing government intervention will reward expensive and marginally effective solutions like wind at the expense of other, more viable technologies.  In the end, like so many other Obama policies, it won’t create jobs and won’t meet America’s energy challenges.”

Thomas J. Basile