Ned Ryun: Do You Renounce Big Tech and All Their Evil Works?

With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ announcement of his plan to punish the censorship of political candidates with hefty fines and his call for mandatory opt-outs of content filters within his state, we finally have a Republican with the guts to go right at Big Tech. After years of failure theater orchestrated by Republicans in D.C., DeSantis is showing the GOP how to act like winners. It’s about time we dealt with these monopolies,

Conservative Group’s Ground-Game Knocks 60,000 Doors to Get out the Vote

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT Matt Batzel, American Majority Action Mobile: (920) 917-5860 E-mail:   Conservative Group’s Ground-Game Knocks 60,000 Doors to Get out the Vote American Majority Action Spurring Conservative Voting   October 29, 2020 - With just days remaining in the 2020 election, American Majority Action (AMA) has just surpassed 60,000 door knocks focused on targeted voters in Wisconsin. AMA is leading the effort to turn out conservative

Ned Ryun: 7 Questions for Kamala Harris The Vice Presidential debate is just around the corner. Here are seven questions our Founder and CEO, Ned Ryun, suggested Mike Pence should ask Kamala Harris at the debate. Do you believe that we should pack the Supreme Court? Do you believe that we should give statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.? Do you believe we should decriminalize all illegal border crossings? Do you believe that we should give

Ned Ryun: Everything You Can Do Between Now and Election Day

We are now just over six weeks away from what I firmly believe is the most important election our country has faced since Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. The impact of our decision on November 3rd will be that monumental and will dictate the direction of our great nation for generations to come. It literally, as AG Barr just recently stated, is a fork in the road for this country:

Conservative Group’s Ground-Game Hit 1,000,000th Live Voter Contacts to Get out the Vote

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Emily Baer   Conservative Group’s Ground-Game Hit 1,000,000th Live Voter Contacts to  Get out the Vote Since June, American Majority Action (AMA) staff in three battleground states have been working around the clock to turn the tide of this election and encourage the public to vote on November 3rd.  With the unforeseen challenges of this year, American Majority Action has turned to phone calls and

Do You Have What It Takes to be Woke?

By Angela Kelley Are you racist? Are you sure? White progressives say you are. If you’ve never had a racist thought in your life or maybe you are 4-years-old and don’t know what that word means. But you happen to be white, so you’d better check yourself. The only acceptable white person is one who is calling out the racism of the entire white race, even the racism in themselves and