With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ announcement of his plan to punish the censorship of political candidates with hefty fines and his call for mandatory opt-outs of content filters within his state, we finally have a Republican with the guts to go right at Big Tech. After years of failure theater orchestrated by Republicans in D.C., DeSantis is showing the GOP how to act like winners. It’s about time we dealt with these monopolies, these unelected private corporations that have decided they will act as the arbiters of American rights.

If you believe, as I do, that the tech monopolies in their current form are one of the gravest threats to the republic, it should stand to reason that you would want any thinking Republican or conservative to follow DeSantis’ lead. Like, say, the other 26 Republican governors across the country. In the 23 states where Republicans have trifectas (governors, state senates, and statehouses), they have no excuse not to pass meaningful legislation that protects the rights of their citizens.