An American Majority Action (AMA) office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was vandalized early Sunday morning. The perpetrator, caught on a surveillance film, spray-painted pro-Obama messages on the office windows.

AMA had two signs prominently featured in the window: “Support Israel? Fire Obama,” and “Obama, Oy Vey!! Had Enough?”. The vandal changed the “F” to an “H” in the first sign (to “Hire Obama”) and changed “Vey” to “Hey,” while answering the question “Had enough?” with “Never, Love Him.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also reports:

A grainy surveillance video from the center’s storefront at Murray and Forward avenues shows a man walking up at 3:47 a.m. Saturday, spray painting the windows and then calmly walking away.

When workers arrived at the office on Saturday morning they found messages on the two banners in the window had been changed from sentiments encouraging people to remove President Obama from office to ones encouraging people to re-elect him, said Josh Wander, coordinator of the center that has operated for two weeks.

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