Obama Supporter Vandalizes AMA Pennsylvania Office””AGAIN!

An American Majority Action (AMA) office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been vandalized””again””by an Obama supporter.

Last night, the perpetrator was caught on surveillance film spray painting pro-Obama messages on the office windows, similar to the vandalism that took place at this office nearly two weeks ago. While it appears to be two different individuals, the identities of the vandals are unknown.

This time around, the vandal painted “NO ELECT OBAMA” over an AMA sign which read, “Obama… Oy Vey!! Had Enough?”. He also painted over a sign which said “Support Israel, Fire Obama,” modifying it to “Support Israel, Hire Obama.”

Most noticeably, the vandal also painted a Star of David on the window.

Earlier this month, another act of vandalism changed the “Fire Obama” sign into a “Hire Obama” sign, while modifying the “Obama… Oy Vey!! Had Enough?” sign to say, “Obama, Oh Hey!! Had Enough? NO LOVE HIM.”

Martin Gillespie, the Executive Director of American Majority Action and manager of the office, said, “In a sign of desperation that Pennsylvania is slipping from their grasp, Obama supporters in Pennsylvania are resorting to vandalism and intimidation to keep the Keystone State in their column.”

“It won’t work. Pennsylvania will shock the political world by voting to keep America free and firing President Obama this Tuesday, November 6th.”


By Ron Meyer

Also see an article in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Anti-Obama office in Squirrel Hill vandalized again.

Obama Supporter Vandalizes AMA Pennsylvania Office””AGAIN!