American Majority Action Knocked on 7,000 Doors During Recall, Will Hit 100,000 Doors Before Election to Encourage WI Voters to “Fire Obama”


Outside groups which helped Governor Scott Walker win his 2012 recall election appear to be having a substantial impact on the presidential race.

American Majority Action (AMA) has already knocked on ten times more doors than they knocked during the recall””and AMA knocked on more doors than any other outside group. AMA knocked on 7,000 doors during the recall, and by November 6, they will have knocked over 100,000 doors.

Ned Ryun, President and CEO of American Majority Action, said, “Doors are the gold standard of campaign tactics. The barrage of ads, direct mail, and phone calls drive voters crazy, while a personal interaction with a real person leaves a lasting impact. That’s why AMA has focused almost solely on door-knocking.”

“Obama won Wisconsin by 13.9 percent of the vote in 2008, and we believe our personal interactions with voters have helped move the needle,” Ryun added, “The Romney campaign hasn’t spent much time in Wisconsin, and outside group have helped make Wisconsin the potential deciding state.”

If Romney loses Ohio, in most scenarios, he would have to win Wisconsin. A Rasmussen poll released late last week showed Romney and President Obama tied at 49 percent. The RealClearPolitics poll average shows Obama with only a 2.3 percent lead.

AMA has opened five new offices””in Madison, Brookfield, Menonomee Falls, Watertown, and Whitewater””and in the last two weeks, AMA has organized volunteers to knock on 35,000 swing-voter doors in crucial regions including Brown, Milwaukee, Dane, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Racine, St. Croix, Manitowoc, and Kenosha Counties.

Matt Batzel, the executive director of AMA’s Wisconsin efforts, said, “During the Governor’s recall race, statewide turnout rose 7 percent statewide. In the three countries AMA targeted, the average county turnout rose 14.8 percent””more than double the increase of the statewide average. We expect to see similar success for the presidential election.”

In addition to Wisconsin, AMA is also targeting Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.



Matt Batzel, American Majority Action

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