Cost of Common Core in My State

Though there are many concerns as to the legality of Common Core State Standards and the effect they will have on the

Cost of Common Core in My State2013-06-24T16:28:14-04:00

Petition to Stop ObamaCore (Common Core)!

ObamaCore (Common Core) is Federal Overreach that takes away local control of Education. Send a message to Stop Common Core Now! We

Petition to Stop ObamaCore (Common Core)!2013-06-06T17:35:00-04:00

Gallup: Voters Leaning Democratic?

On Thursday morning American Majority Action’s Campus Director Celia Bigelow went on FBN’s Varney&Co to discuss a new gallup poll that shows

Gallup: Voters Leaning Democratic?2013-03-20T14:04:55-04:00