Grassroots Activists use Voter Gravity technology to encourage voting on Tuesday

American Majority Action mobilized grassroots activists to knock on over 1,000 doors in just 3 days in Ozaukee County to help encourage voters to vote on April 2nd. With low voter turnout in spring elections, every door knock can make the difference in the election.

Activists used Voter Gravity to canvass in key areas to increase turnout. Voter Gravity is a cutting edge technology to make Get Out the Vote efforts easier, more efficient and more effective. By using data collected from previous elections, voters were targeted to help with GOTV efforts. Volunteers discussed the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, asked voters if they knew Ozaukee Circuit Court Judge Tom Wolfgram has signed a recall petition, and encouraged them to vote on Tuesday.

Matt Batzel, the Executive Director of American Majority Action Wisconsin’s office, said, “volunteers used Gravity to target key voters in this election and made an impact. In wards where we knocked, voter turnout was on average 7% higher than in other wards in Ozaukee County. In the wards surveyed within the city of Mequon, voter turnout was increased by 16%. We are seeing success through using cutting edge technology to more efficiently reach voters. As conservatives become more proficient in using the latest canvassing technology like Gravity, they are increasing their impact.”

MEDIA CONTACT: Matt Batzel, American Majority
Mobile: (920)917-5860

See press release here.