Keep America Free

You have a choice this November between freedom and oppression. We can restore American values or do we take the route of Europe and other nations that are rapidly approaching bankruptcy and default? Our nation is threatened by massive debt, over taxation and out of control spending that hurt our economy.


The Federal government is poised to take over our health care industry in 2013. This effort will cost trillions, result in higher taxes, increased costs, reduce the number of doctors and health care providers, impede access to quality care, and introduce yet more government control over our lives.

Spending, Debt and the Economy

Under the Obama Administration, the Federal debt has exploded to an unthinkable $16 trillion dollars, or over $130,000 for American taxpayer.  While Washington continues to spend, more than 24 million Americans are out of work and unemployment has remains over 8%.


The Obama Administration is discouraging the production of American sources of energy, and the Obama-led EPA has waged a war on domestic energy production.


This November 6th, Vote to Keep America Free. Defeat Obama