Keep America Free

You have a choice this November between freedom and oppression. We can restore American values or do we take the route of Europe and other nations that are rapidly approaching bankruptcy and default? Our nation is threatened by massive debt, over taxation and out of control spending that hurt our economy.

Getting America Back to Work.

It is critical that states follow the White House guidelines to safely open our country again and open America again. Local communities should have the flexibility to be able to open when they meet the gating criteria, rather than be held back by areas that need more safety measures.


Single Payer Healthcare is a threat to our freedoms in this country and would cost trillions. We believe in market based healthcare solutions to meet the needs of the consumers, without taking away our freedoms.

Recall Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney has proven himself to be in constant and direct opposition to President Donald Trump and his administration. It is time for conservatives to take a stand and RECALL MITT ROMNEY.

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Stopping Socialism.

America will never be a Socialist Country! We believe in our Founding Fathers’ vision for our country: a free America!


This November 3rd, Vote to Keep America Free.