Conservatives have failed to reach out to young people in the last twenty years–especially during the last two presidential elections. In the last eight years the left has been dominating college campuses with year-round voter registration drives and other political events to secure their votes come election season. They enjoy successful get-out-the-vote efforts because they have been in contact with students all year long. President Obama alone has been on college campuses 1 out of every 9 days during his presidency.

Where are conservatives?

Conservative leaders have failed to reach out to college students. This election conservative leaders had a perfect opportunity to reach out to young people because the under-30 crowd has faired far worse in the Obama economy than any other demographic. No other president has averaged a higher youth unemployment rate–17.5 percent–in recorded history. In Obama’s first term students saw tuition increase 25 percent while their average earnings after graduation decrease by 6 percent. 53 percent of recent graduates are either unemployed or underemployed and graduates have about a 30 percent chance of moving home with their parents after graduation.

Why weren’t conservatives on campus tying these economic facts to the President’s failed policies?

This election season, American Majority Action launched the project Students Against Barack Obama to engage students on campus and educate them on the President’s failed economic policies using good old college humor. We created posters to send to students in swing states to use for rally’s, tabling, distributing, and hanging around campus. The front of the poster read “Say No To B.O.” with a picture of a stick of deodorant with the President’s face on it. The back had three economic issues effecting young people in the last four years: 397,000 fewer youth jobs, over $16 trillion national debt, 25 percent increase in tuition.

Still, young people have been in constant contact with the left for the last four years, which is why President Obama won over 60 percent of the youth vote in targeted swing states.

Conservatives need to start planning effective get-out-the-vote efforts on college campuses now if we wish to see success in the future. We cannot just sit on the sidelines to allow young people to become the new generation of Democrats. American Majority Action will equip students with the tools to do effective GOTV on campus for upcoming elections. Students have only been hearing the left’s side of the story–it’s time they hear the truth.


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