By now everyone on the Right who is paying attention should be properly “woke” about the nature of today’s Left—it boils down to a relentless attempt to silence dissent on every level.

In the past month, we have seen the attempt to ban a significant and wholly legitimate news outlet from Google’s ad service, a revenue generator for many online publications. Facebook similarly has spent the past few months banning legitimate news outlets from its platform.

Of course, ironically, Facebook’s fealty to the Left has been rewarded by a huge advertiser boycott because Facebook simply isn’t banning enough right-of-center publications. Twitter continues to ban and target conservative commentators and publications. NBC News was caught red-handed doing the bidding of radical leftist groups based in the United States and Europe, coordinating with those groups pressure Facebook, Twitter, and others into banning mainstream conservative publications and commentators, including The Federalist and American Greatness.

Meanwhile the media, Democrats, and leftist groups—seeing a massive opportunity to abandon all pretense and join forces—have launched a race-baiting and violence-inducing campaign the likes of which we have never seen in the United States.

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