We are now just over six weeks away from what I firmly believe is the most important election our country has faced since Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. The impact of our decision on November 3rd will be that monumental and will dictate the direction of our great nation for generations to come. It literally, as AG Barr just recently stated, is a fork in the road for this country: will we go down a path of socialism? Or will we reject it and hopefully go down a path of restoring our republic?

I don’t need to go through everything in detail that is at stake, whether it’s law and order, economic recovery, defeating China, to list a few. Suffice it to say, there is a lot on the line November 3rd. So as we come down the homestretch to November 3rd, people have asked, What can we do to help? We at American Majority Action are working tirelessly in our three targeted, battleground states to turn the tide of this election with a focus on door knocks, live calls and peer-to-peer texting. I tell people if you aren’t on the ground in our targeted states, you can always be a part of calls and texts into those states by signing up here.  But if you can’t be a part of our grassroots efforts at American Majority Action, consider getting involved in the electoral process in one (or more) of these ways between now and election day.


Be an Election Officer

Every voting district needs people to serve on election day as election officers and ensure that the process runs smoothly for everyone who comes to the polls to vote. We should be doing this. We should be showing up in droves to make sure that our nation’s elections are free and fair. Who else is going to do it? Not only is it the patriotic thing to do, you also get paid. Here in Loudoun County, Virginia where I live there are trying to find over 1,000 election officers that they are paying $150 on Election Day. 


10 for 20 Pledge

The Job Creator’s Network has put together the 10for20.com campaign. I recently heard about this on the radio and it’s such a good idea that I can’t believe we haven’t always been pushing for it. I would encourage you to be a part of it: find 10 people that you will make sure are registered and ready to vote in 2020. Even if you don’t sign up for that pledge, do your own. Put together a list of 10 people; friends, family, neighbors, and put that list on your refrigerator. Make sure they’re all registered to vote and then on Election Day, you make sure every last one of them votes before the polls close. Even better, make another list of people you know in battleground states like Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and other key states. You make sure they are turned out to vote on November 3rd. 


Volunteer for a Campaign

Campaigns always need volunteers at every level of government to field phone calls, knock doors, and get people to show up on election day…even in the midst of this farce of a pandemic. Even 5 hours a week of peer-to-peer texting or live calls or even knocking doors can be big boost, especially for a Congressional campaign.


Voter Education

You can be the best advocate to persuade those around you. Either in person or via social media, share your thoughts and beliefs in a calm, rational way and engage those around you in dialogue. It’s been said that 1/12 can be persuaded by posts on social media and it’s an even higher percentage for in person conversations. Never underestimate the power of a conversation about political topics.

Regardless of what you are able to do, my hope is that you will spend the next six weeks or so wisely in understanding what is at stake for all of us, our children and our grandchildren. Time for this great country to forcefully reject the awful ideas of the Left and say emphatically, “We choose not to decline. We choose to be great. And we will rise to even greater heights of freedom and prosperity.” But only if we all do our part between now and November.