Romney Will Win Debate if He Brings Up Youth MiseryBy Ron Meyer and Celia Bigelow, Students Against Barack Obama””American Majority Action


No demographic has suffered more under President Obama than young Americans””especially recent graduates.

The Left always parades supposed “victims” of free enterprise when it attacks conservatives. It’s time for Romney to flip the coin and attack Obama with the victims of his polices.

Even if Obama blames the economy on Bush, here are three big ways Obama’s new laws have made things worse for young people:

  • Prices for healthcare plans for young Americans will increase 45 percent thanks to ObamaCare’s minimum coverage and price “fairness” mandates.
  • Prices for student healthcare plans through their colleges have spiked as much as 1,112 percent.
  • President Obama has added nearly $6 trillion to the national debt””more than Bush added during all eight years. Young Americans will be stuck paying the interest on this debt for generations to come.

No one should buy the “blame Bush” argument””it’s been almost four years! So here are three big reasons young Americans are economically worse off:

  • As a demographic, young Americans have lost 250,000 net jobs since Obama took office. Young Americans were left out of Obama’s supposed recovery, and youth unemployment has lingered above 17 percent.
  • Tuition has spiked 25 percent under Obama’s lax student loan policies. The student loan default rate is 13.4 percent after three years. Average student loan debt is nearing $29,000.
  • A majority of young Americans are either unemployed or underemployed.

Obama’s rhetorical devices are proven null and void in the face of facts, and if Romney decides to use these facts tonight, Obama doesn’t stand a chance. Using these points won’t just help Romney with young people. They will help Romney show he is in touch with Americans who are miserable””not just with those who are well off. After his 47 percent remark, it will help. Romney should make youth issues the face of his arguments.

Obama’s policies are currently ruining our lives, and his spending is ruining our future.