Dear #FireBoehner Activists,

Despite the outcome of yesterday’s disappointing fiscal cliff deal, the House GOP stood largely united — united against the Biden-McConnell-Boehner-Obama tax hikes. As we predicted earlier this week, a vast majority (62%) voted against the new law which proposed a 41-to-1 tax hike to spending cut ratio. 

House Speakers don’t usually vote on bills. However, Speaker Boehner made a clear point by voting for this measure. He plans to cave to President Obama’s pressure to raise taxes. Boehner capitulated this week, and he’ll capitulate again when the going gets tough on the debt ceiling.  

You helped us launch our #FireBoehner campaign last month and now Boehner is the least popular national leader in DC. (Keep up the conversation and cast your vote in the Drudge Report Fire Boehner poll now!)

Tomorrow is the big vote for Speaker of the House. With your support, House Republicans have been organizing to oust the Speaker. Only 17 conservative members are needed to block Boehner’s election tomorrow. Republicans without a strong leader will face a tough 2014 election season. Boehner is not that strong leader.

One more day. Let’s keep up the fight.

We’ve had thousands of activists nationwide ask how they can help. For now, we suggest calling and writing conservative congressmen in your area.

Here’s a suggested letter/email. For a list of target congressmen to send it to, please scroll below. Here’s the link to email your congressperson.


Sample Email/Letter
The Honorable (full name)
(Room #) (Name) House Office Building
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Re: Please Do Not Vote John Boehner For Speaker Of The House

Dear (Congressman/woman):

My name is (Full Name) and I am your constituent from (city), (State). I am writing to urge you not to vote for Congressman John Boehner (R-OH) for Speaker of the House on January 3rd, 2013.

Our country is at a tipping point. We have passed the $16 trillion mark on our national debt and our interest payments are more than $3,000 per taxpayer per year. Our economic growth over the last four years has been anemic, growing just 2.7 percent in the third quarter of this year. We currently borrow 40 cents per every dollar spent, and inflation is eating away our future savings.

President Obama wants to punish our nation’s job creators by increasing taxes-a total of $800 billion taken out of the private sector-on the top income earners in our country as part of the fiscal cliff deal. This is the most devastating action one could take in a sluggish economy. The President proposed to cut spending on our nation’s national defense without putting welfare reform,the main driver of our national debt, on the table. President Obama is also urging our nation’s leaders to eternally remove the debt ceiling, our nation’s last defense against Washington’s rampant spending.

The House of Representatives is the conservatives’ last line of defense in blocking the fiscally destructive policies put forth by Democrats. As Speaker of the House, John Boehner is supposed to be the spokesman for fiscal responsibility and taking steps to do everything he can to stop Washington from destroying America’s future. Instead, Speaker Boehner is undercutting conservative principles by putting forth a liberal compromise of raising taxes-or “closing loopholes”-on our nation’s job creators, coupled with only $600 billion in spending cuts. This will hardly put a dent in our national debt and will likely put America in a recession.

Speaker Boehner has also waged an eternal war on a few of the most fiscally conservative members of the House by removing them from key committees, including the House Budget Committee and the Financial Services Committee. This was the nail in the coffin proving that Boehner is willing to fold on principles in the name of “compromise”.

In order to save the future of our country, we need to stop those in Congress who aren’t willing to put their foot down. We need an articulate spokesman in the House who is fiscally responsible and won’t cave on principle. We only need 17 Republican votes in the House to depose Congressman Boehner as Speaker of the House. As your constituent, I ask you to please stand on principle and vote for anyone except John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House on January 3rd, 2013.


(Your Name)
(Job Title)


Call the House switchboard operator:
(202) 224-3121
Here’s our list of target congressmen to reach out to encourage them to abstain. All listed members are either 2010 or 2012 freshmen Republicans, or prominent members of the conservative caucus–the Republican Study Committee (RSC).

Martha Roby (Alabama, 2nd District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Mo Brooks (Alabama, 5th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Robert Aderholt (Alabama, 4th District) – RSC Member (Twitter)
Spencer Bachus (Alabama, 6th District) – RSC Member
Mike Rogers (Alabama, 3rd District) – RSC Member

Rick Crawford (Arkansas, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Tim Griffin (Arkansas, 2nd District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Steve Womack (Arkansas, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Tom Cotton (Arkansas, 4th District) – 2012 Freshman

Matt Salmon (Arizona, 5th District) – 2012 Freshman
Paul Gosar (Arizona, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
David Schweikert (Arizona, 6th District)  – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Trent Franks (Arizona, 2nd District) – RSC Member

Paul Cook (California, 8th District)  – 2012 Freshman
Doug LaMalfa (California, 1st District) – 2012 Freshman
Jeff Denham (California, 19th District)  – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
David Valadao (California, 21st District) – 2012 Freshman
John Campbell (California, 48th District)- RSC Member
Tom McClintock (California, 4th District) – RSC Member
Gary Miller (California, 42nd District) – RSC Member
Ed Royce (California, 40th District) – RSC Member

Cory Gardner (Colorado, 4th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Scott Tipton (Colorado, 3rd District)  – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Mike Coffman (Colorado, 6th District) – RSC Member
Doug Lamborn (Colorado, 5th District) – RSC Member

Ted Yoho (Florida, 3rd District) – 2012 Freshman
Ron DeSantis (Florida, 6th District) – 2012 Freshman
Trey Radel (Florida, 19th District) – 2012 Freshman
Rich Nugent (Florida, 5th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Dennis Ross (Florida, 12th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Steve Southerland (Florida, 2nd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC (Twitter)
Daniel Webster (Florida, 8th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC
Gus Bilirakis  (Florida, 9th District) – RSC Member
Vern Buchanan (Florida, 13th District)- RSC Member
Jeff Miller (Florida, 1st District) – RSC Member
Bill Posey (Florida, 15th District) – RSC Member

Doug Collins (Georgia, 9th District) – 2012 Freshman
Austin Scott (Georgia, 8th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Rob Woodall (Georgia, 7th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member
Paul Broun (Georgia, 10th District)- RSC Member
Lynn Westmoreland (Georgia, 3rd District)
Phil Gingrey (Georgia, 11th District) – RSC Member
Tom Graves  (Georgia, 9th District) – RSC Member
Jack Kingston (Georgia, 1st District) – RSC Member
Tom Price (Georgia, 6th District) – RSC Member

Raul Labrador (Idaho, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)

Rodney Davis (Illinois, 13th District) – 2012 Freshman
Randy Hultgren (Illinois, 14th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Adam Kinzinger (Illinois, 11th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
John Shimkus (Illinois, 19th District) – RSC Member

Susan Brooks (Indiana, 5th District) – 2012 Freshman
Luke Messer (Indiana 6th District) – 2012 Freshman
Larry Bucshon (Indiana, 8th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Todd Rokita (Indiana, 4th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Todd Young (Indiana, 9th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Marlin Stutzman (Indiana, 13th District)- RSC Member

Steve King (Iowa, 5th District) – RSC Member

Tim Huelskamp (Kansas, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Mike Pompeo (Kansas, 4th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member
Kevin Yoder (Kansas, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)

Thomas Massie (Kentucky, 4th District) – 2012 Freshman & RSC Member
Andy Barr (Kentucky, 6th District) – 2012 Freshman
Brett Guthrie (Kentucky, 2nd District) – RSC Member

Jeff Landry (Louisiana, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
John Fleming (Louisiana, 4th District) – RSC Member
Steve Scalise (Louisiana, 1st District) – RSC Member

Andy Harris (Maryland, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman

Kerry Bentivolio (Michigan, 11th District) – 2012 Freshman
Justin Amash (Michigan, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Dan Benishek (Michigan, 1st District)  – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Bill Huizenga (Michigan, 2nd District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Tim Walberg (Michigan, 7th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Dave Camp (Michigan, 4th District) – RSC Member

John Kline (Minnesota, 2nd District) – RSC Member
Michele Bachmann (Minnesota, 6th District) – RSC Member

Allan Nunnelee (Mississippi, 1st district) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Steven Palazzo (Mississippi, 4th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member

Ann Wagner (Missouri, 2nd District) – 2012 Freshman
Vicky Hartzler (Missouri, 4th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Billy Long (Missouri, 7th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Alan Nunnelee (Missouri, 1st District) – RSC Member

Steve Daines (Montana-AL District) – 2012 Freshman

Jeff Fortenberry (Nebraska, 1st District) – RSC Member

Joe Heck (Nevada, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)

New Jersey
Chris Smith (New Jersey, 4th District)
Scott Garrett (New Jersey, 5th District) – RSC Member

New Mexico
Steve Pearce (New Mexico, 2nd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)

New York
Chris Collins (New York, 27th District) – 2012 Freshman
Chris Gibson (New York, 20th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Michael Grimm (New York, 13th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Richard Hanna (New York, 24th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Tom Reed (New York, 29th District) – RSC Member

North Carolina
Robert Pittenger (North Carolina, 9th District) – 2012 Freshman
George Holding (North Carolina, 13th District) – 2012 Freshman
Richard Hudson (North Carolina, 8th District) – 2012 Freshman
Mark Meadows (North Carolina, 11th District) – 2012 Freshman
Renee Elmers (North Carolina, 2nd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Howard Coble (North Carolina, 6th District) – RSC Member
Virginia Foxx (North Carolina, 5th District) – RSC Member
Patrick McHenry (North Carolina, 1st District) – RSC Member

North Dakota
Kevin Cramer (North Dakota, AL District) – 2012 Freshman

Brad Wenstrup (Ohio, 2nd district) – 2012 Freshman
David Joyce (Ohio, 14th District) – 2012 Freshman
Steve Chabot (Ohio, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Bob Gibbs (Ohio, 18th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Bill Johnson (Ohio, 6th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Jim Renacci (Ohio, 16th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Steve Stivers (Ohio, 15th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC (Twitter)
Steve Austria (Ohio, 7th District)  – RSC Member
Mike Turner (Ohio, 3rd District) – RSC Member
Jim Jordan (Ohio, 4th District) – RSC Member
Robert Latta   (Ohio, 5th District) – RSC Member

Jim Bridenstine (Oklahoma, 1st District) – 2012 Freshman
Markwayne Mullin (Oklahoma, 2nd District) – 2012 Freshman
James Lankford (Oklahoma, 5th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Tom Cole (Oklahoma, 4th District) – RSC Member
James Lankford (Oklahoma, 5th District) – RSC Member
Frank Lucas (Oklahoma, 3rd District) – RSC Member

Scott Perry (Pennsylvania, 4th District) – 2012 Freshman
Keith Rothfus (Pennsylvania, 12th District) – 2012 Freshman
Lou Barletta (Pennsylvania, 11th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Mike Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania, 8th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Mike Kelly (Pennsylvania, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Tom Marino (Pennsylvania, 10th District) – 2010 Freshman
Pat Meehan (Pennsylvania, 7th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Joe Pitts (Pennsylvania, 16th District) – RSC Member

South Carolina
Tom Rice (South Carolina, 7th District) – 2012 Freshman
Jeff Duncan (South Carolina, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Trey Gowdy (South Carolina, 4th District) – 2010 Freshman  & RSC Member (Twitter)
Mick Mulvaney (South Carolina, 5th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Tim Scott (South Carolina, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Joe Wilson (South Carolina, 2nd District) – RSC Member

South Dakota
Kristi Noem (South Dakota, AL District) – 2010 Freshman

Diane Black (Tennessee, 6th District)  – 2010 Freshman&RSC (Twitter)
Scott DesJarlais (Tennessee, 4th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Stephen Fincher (Tennessee, 8th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Chuck Fleischmann (Tennessee, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Marsha Blackburn(Tennesse, 7th District) – RSC Member
Phil Roe (Tennessee, 1st District) – RSC Member

Roger Williams (Texas, 25th District) – 2012 Freshman
Steve Stockman (Texas, 36th District) – 2012 Freshman
Randy Weber (Texas, 14th District) – 2012 Freshman
Blake Farenthold (Texas, 27th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Bill Flores (Texas, 17th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Joe Barton (Texas, 6th District)-RSC Member
Kevin Brady (Texas, 8th District)-RSC Member
Michael Burgess (Texas, 26th District)- RSC Member
John Carter (Texas, 31st District) – RSC Member
Michael Conaway (Texas, 11th District) – RSC Member
John Culberson (Texas, 7th District) – RSC Member
Louie Gohmert (Texas, 1st District) – RSC Member
Kay Granger  (Texas, 12th District) – RSC Member
Ralph Hall   (Texas, 4th District) – RSC Member
Sam Johnson (Texas, 3rd District) – RSC Member
Mac Thornberry (Texas, 13th District) – RSC Member
Kenny Marchant (Texas, 24th District) – RSC Member
Michael McCaul (Texas, 10th District) – RSC Member
Randy Neugebauer (Texas, 19th District) – RSC Member
Pete Olson (Texas, 22nd District) – RSC Member
Ted Poe (Texas, 2nd District) – RSC Member

Chris Stewart (Utah, 2nd District) – 2012 Freshman
Rob Bishop(Utah, 1st District) – RSC Member
Jason Chaffetz (Utah, 3rd District) – RSC Member

Morgan Griffith (Virginia, 9th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Robert Hurt (Virginia, 5th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Scott Rigell (Virginia, 2nd District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)
Randy Forbes (Virginia, 4th District) – RSC Member

Jaime Herrera Beutler (Washington, 3rd District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)

West Virginia
David B. McKinley (West Virginia, 1st District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)

Sean Duffy (Wisconsin, 7th District) – 2010 Freshman (Twitter)
Reid Ribble (Wisconsin, 8th District) – 2010 Freshman & RSC Member (Twitter)

Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming, AL District) – RSC Member


* To be on the safe side, we’ve changed the needed number to 17 votes.