Monday, October 19, 2020
Doors Open: 5:45pm Event Starts: 7:00pm
Thai Twist Restaurant & Banquet
1009 – 109th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55434
Thai Twist Restaurant & Banquet

“We will laugh a lot together. But my message is a serious one. I am here to ask you to keep fighting. Millions of the silenced in Europe are looking to you for hope. Together we can make hope a reality.”

~ Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins does not take no for an answer.

Despite Brits being barred from the USA due to COVID-19, Katie Hopkins was determined to make it in to help campaign to keep America free. She travelled via the Caribbean, spent 2 days in isolation, 15 days in quarantine, and flew via Barbados and JFK to make it in.

A well known British personality and self-described ‘Biggest Bitch in Britain’ Katie has been tweeted by Trump, appeared on Tucker Carlson and was a regular guest on Sean Hannity’s radio show. She is known for her fearless reporting in hostile environments – like migrant camps and lawless South Africa.  

In the UK she has been targeted ruthlessly by the left – who came for her jobs, her children, her family home and there was a jihadi plot to take her head.  

Undaunted, she is here to help rally our teams, bring some much needed energy and optimism to conservatives, and help us laugh… together. She says, “Lockdown has been the greatest hoax in human history. I am here to help fight for the Land of the Free, and I am staying until Trump is back in the White House for four more years.”  

Katie is a bold and funny speaker – a politically incorrect antidote to the stifling times we are all sick of.


(Printable tickets will be emailed to you on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.)