Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate in Las Vegas played out like an old time cartoon show. Nothing edifying or of substance occurred and yet people were fixated on the screen because they could not resist watching the characters bludgeon and savage each other to death.

Speaking of savage, we did get to witness Pocahontas scalping Mini Mike on national television, which was hilarious to see. The senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts pounded the clearly unprepared Bloomberg. For his part, the billionaire former mayor of New York apparently thought bringing a wallet to a tomahawk fight was a good idea.

At a minimum it felt like the debate should have paused for decency’s sake so Mini Mike could have called the tribal police to report the scalping.

We also got to see Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) morph into a red-faced comrade whenever anyone dared to question the logistics of his healthcare pipe dream.