American Majority Action this month is excited to host, in partnership with the Unlocking Potential Project, the Unlocking Potential All-Star Workshop with Carly Fiorina and Hugh Hewitt. Attendees at this free Denver, Colorado workshop will hear from the American Conservative Union chairwoman as she addresses the important issues facing America and what the average citizen can do about them.

Check out this quick clip from earlier this year (see below or click here to watch) when Ms. Fiorina discusses why conservative ideals work better, citing the problem of a growing culture of dependency and suggesting a commonsense solution.

“Progressives are … trying to continue a cycle of dependency. Conservatives know that people aren’t poor because they lack ambition … intelligence or potential. They lack the tools to tap into their potential and the opportunity to unleash potential,” she said.

Click here to find out about Carly Fiorina and the upcoming Unlocking Potential All-Star Workshop with Carly Fiorina and Hugh Hewitt.