WHY: Our nation is under attack by a philosophy that is threatening our freedom with oppressive taxation, massive debt and reckless spending. To Keep America Free, we need to Fire Barack Obama and set this nation back on the road to strength, prosperity and individual freedom.

WHAT: American Majority Action is mobilizing concerned taxpayers in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Virginia with the goal of touching the doors and talking with voters.

Using the latest canvassing technology of Gravity, volunteers who can’t make it to a Liberty Headquarters will also be able to receive custom-made walk lists via email they can use to target voters in their area.  This will enable even more volunteers to make phone calls and go door to door in communities across these critical battleground states.

WHO: You!

WHERE: At nearly two dozen Liberty Headquarters Locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia and Wisconsin. 

WHEN: Every day between now and Election Day.

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Email team@am-action.org with any questions.


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